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Best-of-Breed or ERP: What’s Your Pick for Supply Chain Planning?

Here at Demand Solutions, we’re big fans of Lora Cecere’s work on her blog, Supply Chain Shaman. Lora deserves every bit of the credit she gets for being an honest commentator on today’s leading supply chain planning solutions and strategies.

And so when Lora wrote earlier this year about the evolution of supply chain planning systems and the corresponding impact on user satisfaction, we…

Supply Chain Planning: Is Trying to Do Everything Worse Than Doing Nothing?

“If you’re not getting ahead, you’re falling behind.”

This mindset pervades the world’s most competitive businesses nowadays. It’s a hard-charging, spare-no-effort approach that drives companies to new levels of performance.

Supply chain planners have embraced this attitude as much as anyone else. Their catchphrase is “constant improvement.” They seek to optimize processes continually.…

What Is Important In Data Visualization Software?

Data is important in all aspects of decision-making in business, but data is not always user-friendly. Many people find raw numbers and columns and rows on spreadsheets to be overwhelming and impossible to decipher, so finding a way to present data in a way that makes sense is an important part of effective reporting.

In the past, creating a representation of data in visible forms such as…

Supply Chain Talent: Our Take on Deloitte’s Survey Report (part 2)

In my last article, I introduced Deloitte’s supply chain survey report and shared Deloitte’s concept of what it takes to be a supply chain Leader. It’s clear to me from the survey results that Leaders become Leaders because they have superior talent.

So, how do they develop that talent?

This question has never been more relevant. After all, the supply chain function isn’t exactly…

Supply Chain Talent: Our Take on Deloitte’s Survey Report (part 1)

“In times of change, when experimentation tends to be rampant and results are still far from conclusive, one source of guidance can be to look at the companies who are succeeding, and discover what they are doing differently.”

Does this passage sum up your mindset as you strive to optimize your supply chain and improve your business results? It’s an excerpt from “Supply Chain Talent of the…



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