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What Goes Into a Good Production Schedule?

If you work in production scheduling, you may not get a lot of limelight—but you should. What laypeople don't know, but what you truly understand, is that for any manufacturer, production scheduling is where the rubber meets the road.

You invest hours of hard work in the scheduling process. You may even use an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solution to generate a precise, realistic…

If Production Scheduling Is Your “Thorn,” APS Is Your Androcles

Remember the fable about Androcles and the lion? To make a short story even shorter, Androcles was a runaway Roman slave who came across a lion with a thorn in its paw. Androcles removed the thorn, and the lion was forever grateful, treating him like a friend rather than a potential meal.

During my years at Taylor Manufacturing Systems (which was recently acquired by Demand Solutions), I…



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