Case Study - TenCate

Demand Solutions Case StudyFiring Up Forecast Accuracy: TenCate Cuts Inventory by $4 Million

In a recent 18-month period, we reduced our hardstock by $4 million. On that metric alone, we could call our upgrade to Demand Solutions DSX a huge success.” ~ Ed Reimer, Senior Business Analyst, TenCate Protective Fabrics.

Situation: TenCate produced forecasts on an older version of Demand Solutions, but the process relied heavily on manual data entry and intuition, which made it difficult to ensure forecast accuracy. As a result, the company continually found itself with more hardstock—inventory over six months old—than planned.

Challenges: Not only was TenCate's forecasting process inefficient, but the company's operations staff were tired of getting blamed for stockouts. TenCate's leadership began looking for a system that would give everyone greater visibility into forecast data. 

Solution: Upgrading to Demand Solutions DSX took TenCate just two months—yet the benefits exceeded everyone's expectations.The new system put three years of detailed sales history as well as current sales trends at the fingertips of each sales rep, immediately enabling them to enter much more realistic forecasts right into the system.


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