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How can Demand Solutions give you a return on your investment? Use our ROI calculator to find out. 

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Current Facts & Assumptions
Annual Sales
Gross Margin (%)
Inventory Turns
Inventory Investment
Gross Margin
Projected Improvements
Customer Service (%)
Inventory Turns
Inventory Reduction (%)
Investment in Software & Training
Software Cost
Total Investment
Carrying Cost Saving
Carrying Cost (%)
Carrying Cost
(on Inventory Reduction)
Increased Sales & Gross Margin
Sales Increase from Customer Service Improvement
Gross Margin
Cash Flow Improvement
Annual Sales +
Service Improvement
At Cost
Inventory Value at
Current Turns
Inventory Reduction (%)
Inventory Reduction Value
Total Financial Impact
Carrying Cost Savings +
Increased Gross Margin
Cost of Delaying Implementation
Cost of each month's
delay in Implementation
Payback Schedule
Month(s) to pay off investment
Average Monthly Benefit

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