Integrated Business Planning (IBP): The Next Generation of Sales & Operations Planning

(Original Date: April 17 2014)

Most companies operate their supply chains well below the performance levels they could. In fact, nearly 70% of companies are stalled at stage 2 of Gartner's 5-stage S&OP maturity model. This impacts not only your business -- but your partners' and customers' too.

How can you move past "the stall"?

Integrated Business Planning, or IBP, is the next generation of Sales & Operations Planning.

IBP is the way to move past "the stall" and the way to reap the tremendous benefits that come from achieving supply chain excellence.

View this webinar to learn:
1. The step-by-step actions to advance your supply chain maturity
2. The tools available to you that weren't there a few years ago
3. The benefits you'll receive and what they mean for your business

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