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Faster, Better Data Visualization for Your Supply Chain Planning Stakeholders


What’s driving your biggest supply chain planning decisions? Are your stakeholders empowered to ask the tough questions of your data? And if so, can they trust the answers they receive? 

Don’t leave your greatest supply chain insights locked inside mountains of data. Deploy Demand Solutions’ data visualization capabilities to let your people share knowledge, find answers, and make discoveries in a social, collaborative online environment.

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A Data Visualization Solution That Thinks the Way You Do


We’re all working in an increasingly complex global marketplace. New business problems require new kinds of solutions. But your stakeholders won’t come up with their next biggest insights if they’re constantly adapting their thought processes to conform to the way their software works.

Demand Solutions’ data visualization technology, powered by QlikView, lets users run their searches from dynamic dashboards that they can access from any device. From there, they can:

  • Discover unexpected insights by navigating and interacting with your company’s data on their own terms.
  • See relationships in your data, easily identifying areas for further investigation.
  • Cast a wider net with direct and indirect search. 
  • Find answers as quickly as they can think of questions.

Technology That Saves You Time and Money


If you’ve researched supply chain data visualization platforms, you know how important it is to choose a solution that incorporates in-memory technology. In-memory processing delivers faster response times—but that doesn’t always mean a more efficient solution. Most business intelligence (BI) solutions available to manufacturers and distributors are based on queries and cubes, which means your IT team will have to hand-code all the associations in your data.

Demand Solutions’ data visualization technology is different. It can save you time and money by:

  • Holding all your data in memory so that multiple users can explore it in seconds. 
  • Automatically maintaining all associations in your data, so your users won’t be limited to static reports. 
  • Calculating aggregations on the fly, so your users can always define the views and insights they want. 
  • Compressing your data to 10 percent of its original size to minimize your hardware burden. 
  • Leveraging the power of multi-processor hardware to deliver outstanding performance.

Speed Your Time to Value


One of the biggest risks to a growing manufacturer or distributor is the prospect of deploying a massive analytics platform, finding it cumbersome to use, and taking years to get adequate value from it. By contrast, Demand Solutions’ data visualization technology is designed to go live quickly at a reasonable cost per user, and to remain flexible to your business needs as your company grows.

It all begins with Demand Solutions’ prebuilt templates. Delivered with Demand Solutions’ data visualization technology, these templates work within QlikView to give your decision-makers dashboard views of your company’s key metrics. In the process, the templates jumpstart your implementation—and speed your time to achieving ROI.

With Demand Solutions, there’s no need for your IT department to spend months building the dashboards and reports your business needs—your users can simply customize what’s already built into the system. Best of all, there’s no need to purchase multiple modules and go through the hassle and expense of integrating them with your supply chain management software. With Demand Solutions, the data visualization capabilities are built in.

Don’t let your next big supply chain insight go undiscovered. Ask Demand Solutions how our built-in data visualization capabilities can transform your decision-making cycle into a process of discovery.


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