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Certified Transmission Rebuilders

“Demand Solutions has allowed us to manage our inventory so tightly that we haven’t had to increase it in line with our increasing sales. Our company has been growing every year and we haven’t had to stock more to meet these increased sales. Demand Solutions has therefore significantly increased our profits.”
CML France, leading supplier in LED automotive lighting

Automotive Supply Chain Management Solutions

Improve the efficiency of your automotive supply chain with Demand Solutions’ forecast management, requirements planning, and sales and operations planning tools. Our solutions empower automobile supply chain professionals to:

  • Plan for the repair or replacement of defective components in finished goods, then plan inventory to support the failed component. Predict failure rates based on historical data
  • Determine "swap factor" of core units that cannot be replaced
  • Provide repair options that look across the entire network of independent and dependent demand, allowing you to repair all returns, or only repairs based on forecast consumption
  • Increase visibility into demand of slow-moving items with formulas specifically designed to pick up the patterns of erratic-moving parts
  • Manage inventory at multiple locations
  • Project inventory up to 72 weeks in advance with Time-Phased Safety Views
  • Build containers based on an objectively prioritized analysis of future requirements

Solve automotive supply chain problems with easy-to-use solutions such as:


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10 Inventory Mistakes (and How to Correct Them)

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This complimentary archived webinar offers an anecdotal look into Demand Solutions customers’ most common inventory management mistakes, along with best-in-class solutions to their problems.

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  • The 10 most common inventory management mistakes
  • Symptoms that help identify these mistakes
  • Practical and effective solutions to the inventory errors

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