“We were very pleased with how Demand Solutions had the flexibility and the scalability to manage the complexities of our supply chain.  Other vendors have failed due to their lack of understanding in this area and Demand Solutions correctly grasped the problem which led to a flawless installation.”  

- Christy Hill, Director of Demand Management, Sazerac Corporation

Beer and Wine Distributors: Get Powerful Solutions for the Beverage Supply Chain

Demand Solutions beverage supply chain management software easily integrates third-party data from Vermont Information Processing, a leading beverage industry market data provider, and can improve the ability to forecast distributor depletions. The tools allows spirits, beer and wine distributors to have better visibility into inventory on hand and further add value to their distribution business. Our company is partnered with three of the top 10 Craft Breweries in America – New Belgium, Deschutes, and Lagunitas – according to the Brewers Association website, as well as distributors like Brown Foreman, and Sazerac. 

Discover the value of using Demand Solutions’ beverage supply chain management solutions in beer distribution or the wine and spirits industry. With Demand Solutions, you can:

  • Extract business intelligence with easy-to-use reporting features
  • Leverage data for key business decisions
  • Implement sales and operations planning processes
  • View sales forecasts by item, account, customer segment, and more
  • Adapt to known changes including promotions and competitive activity
  • Share forecasts throughout the organization for collective approval
  • Project product needs up to 72 weeks in advance
  • Refine business forecasts over time
  • Integrate existing data seamlessly
  • Accommodate thousands of SKUs with varying lifecycles
  • Collaborate with key suppliers by providing order plan projections reports
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Address your biggest beverage supply chain challenges within beer distribution and wine distribution with easy-to-use solutions such as: