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Blommer Chocolate

“We were using Excel spreadsheets and it was like the caveman era. We actually exceeded the capabilities in Excel. Now with Demand Solutions, we’re able to measure our accuracy every month. It has really impacted our bottom line.”
Lindt and Sprüngli Chocolate

Food Supply Chain Management Solutions for Candy Manufacturing

Demand Solutions’ products empower supply chain professionals in the candy manufacturing industry to:

  • Satisfy retailer requirements, most notably with VMI
  • Project inventory with Time-Phased Safety Views
  • Set alerts, minimum order quantities, and lead times for replenishment actions
  • Build containers based on an objectively prioritized analysis of future requirements
  • Calculate replenishment orders at the individual store and SKU level
  • Identify inventory that is nearing (or has reached) it’s expiration date to help reduce chance of obsolescence
  • Increase collaboration with key manufacturers by providing them with order plan projection reports

Address your biggest food supply chain management challenges with Demand Solutions’ easy-to-use products, such as: