Develop a Stocking Policy

One of your products had two “hits” in 2014. Should you continue stocking it in 2015?

My gut feeling is “no.” But maybe you feel it’s worth keeping in your warehouse because it’s a $200,000 product with a high profit margin.

And that leads me to the point of this article: your company needs a clearly defined stocking policy that guides decisions like these.

The typical…

In Tribute to Steve Johnston: Demand Solutions’ Founder

Steve Johnston, who founded Demand Solutions in 1984 and retired in 2004, passed away this past January. Bill Whiteside, now a Principal in Demand Solutions Northeast, was an early Demand Solutions customer, and was one of the company's first sales representatives. Bill wrote this tribute to Steve.

"Billy, let's grab a smoke." I don't smoke. Never have. It was Steve Johnston's way of…

Is Your Production Management Software Up To Par?

Too often companies jump into making a decision on software in their company due to a lack of time spent in the essential process of consideration of needs. This is typically the case with production management software when business owners may be in a hurry to make a selection, or may not understand the full scope of what well-designed software can offer.

At Demand Solutions, we design…

New Year’s Resolution #3 for Supply Chain Planners: Find the Causes of Forecast Errors

Missed my first two New Year’s Resolutions for supply chain planners? You can read about them here and here.

Forecast error: so many companies complain about it. But so few actually do anything about it.

Most companies just accept forecast error as a given in their supply chain processes. They figure any forecast is bound to be wrong, but at least it will give them a ballpark…

New Year’s Resolution #2 for Supply Chain Planners: Purge Your Database

In my last article, I explained why I think New Year’s resolutions are important in the supply chain planning sphere—even for people who don’t make New Year’s resolutions in their daily lives. To put it simply, the New Year is always a good time to see things through a new lens. Something about the turning of the calendar makes us all more receptive to change—and change is good.

I discussed…