When Answers Aren’t Enough: Seeing the Future with Integrated Business Planning

What if I told you I have a supply chain management (SCM) solution that can answer all your questions about your business by providing accurate, up-to-the minute data on your current supply chain, inventory, and customer order pipeline?

You’d be somewhat impressed, I’m sure. But I think you’d also feel as if something were missing.

After all, if you’ve been running your business…

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Forecasting: Part II

I’ve written previously about one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Forecasting. In today’s article, we’ll explore another major mistake that too many manufacturers and distributors make as they try to generate accurate sales forecasts.

Picture the typical demand review meeting. Who’s sitting around the table? Probably product managers and forecasters.   

But there may also be a…

Supply Chain Planning and Supply Chain Execution: Where Should Your Focus Lie?

I know it’s World Cup season, but I’m much more into the “other” football—American football. So bear with me here.

Imagine you’re a head coach in the NFL. You have a big game coming up this Sunday. But instead of studying game footage of your opponent, forming a strategy to exploit their weaknesses, and scripting out your plays, you spend the week putting your guys through drill after…

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Forecasting: Part I

Can you name the Seven Deadly Sins?

Give yourself a pat on the back if you can remember at least a few of them. They are: lust, pride, greed, gluttony, envy, anger, and sloth.

The Seven Deadly Sins are reputed to earn you not just a slap on the wrist, but an eternal punishment.

Now, can you name the Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Forecasting? You're probably thinking, "I…

Publish Your Results

If I was a forecaster at your company, you can rest assured that I'd work diligently to provide forecasts that were as accurate as possible.

However, if you told me that my results were going to be displayed on a dashboard, tacked to a billboard or published in any other way ... all of a sudden forecast accuracy would be raised a couple of notches on my priority list. Somehow I'd find…