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Integrated Business Planning: Five Steps Beyond S&OP

If you’ve been in the supply chain game for long enough, you may remember when sales and operations planning (S&OP) became the next big thing. Even if you’re a relative newcomer, you know that S&OP is a longstanding and highly trusted way to increase alignment and collaboration throughout the supply chain.

You’re probably waiting for me to say that S&OP is somehow flawed—or to make a bold…

Integrated Business Planning vs. S&OP: What’s the Difference?

I’ve previously shared my thoughts on the need for a shake-up in the supply chain management realm, and my assessment of what integrated business planning really consists of.

All of this begs the question: Is integrated business planning really something separate from sales and operations planning (S&OP)? Or is IBP merely the latest evolution of S&OP?

Let’s look at what some of our…

How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for the Internet of Things

Thanks to the cloud, there has never been a better time to be a manufacturer or distributor with a vision for rapid, profitable growth. Cloud technology puts powerful supply chain planning technology at your fingertips, with no major outlay for software licenses and extra hardware. And cloud technology removes the barriers to implementing sales and operations planning (S&OP) and integrated business…

Why S&OP and Integrated Business Planning Start with the Cloud

As we noted in our last article, Gartner has found that the public cloud market is doubling every four years. And because IT spending is only increasing by 2.2 percent per year, we know that companies in all industries are actually diverting their IT budgets from traditional IT to the cloud.

Still, I can understand why manufacturers and distributors—typically conservative businesses—might…

How the Cloud Has Changed the Game in Supply Chain Planning

The old barriers are gone. Suddenly, anything seems possible.

Even five years ago, starting a manufacturing or distribution business—or aggressively growing an existing one—meant making a major financial commitment to computing technology.

You couldn’t think in terms of, “How soon can we get this product line on the shelves?” Instead, you had to ask, “How long will it take to purchase…



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