3 Tips for Managing the Dr. Oz Effect

We're the curmudgeons who grouse in the shadows as the latest sales windfall is celebrated. While our colleagues gleefully exchange high fives to celebrate an unprecedented sale, we bury our heads in despair at the burden of fulfilling our customers’ hopes and our salesmen’s promises.

All kidding aside, unforeseen spikes in demand are a fact of life for forecasters and planners. But few…

Only Enough Data to Cause Paralysis: A Timeless Message About Big Data

You might think that a book about computers that was written before the Internet would have zero relevance today. Yet, not only does Guy Kawasaki’s 1988 book "The MacIntosh Way" possess a timeless charm, it also contains at least one nugget that cuts to the core of one of our current burning issues: what to make of Big Data.

Says Kawasaki: "There is only enough data to cause paralysis…

Tapping the Power of Social Supply Chain Management

Remember John Smith and Roy Green from my previous post, “The Power of the Cloud”? They run a small, up-and-coming, entirely fictional manufacturer called XYZ Corporation (I think they’re working on a new name, but their branding agency hasn’t gotten back to them).

Well, XYZ has been live on Demand Solutions for a while, and things are going well. Orders keep rolling in. They just bought…

Supply Chain Management: The Power of the Cloud

On the pages of this blog, I’ve previously called the cloud a revolution in SCM — and I meant what I said. The cloud is absolutely here to stay.

I mentioned how cloud supply chain management solutions give you all the features of on-premises solutions, except they’re hosted remotely. And that’s true too.

And I outlined the benefits of cloud SCM solutions. You can go live quickly,…

The Third Wave in Supply Chain Management: Social Supply Chain and More

Have you heard about the new Wave 3 supply chain management solutions? Or are you mired in Wave 2?

Or were you unaware that anybody measures supply chain technology in waves?

I suspect that for most readers of this blog, supply chain management technology “is what it is.” That's understandable. The technology improves incrementally as vendors develop new features, add new modules,…