Leveraging Supply Chain Business Intelligence for Better Performance

If I asked you to assess your overall business health right now, what would you say?

I’m asking not as a guy sitting next to you on an airplane, who expects a sanitized answer and is really just killing time until the drink cart comes by. I’m asking as a keen observer of the industry — someone who thinks about this stuff 24/7.

If you can’t answer my question ... well, good luck…

Solving the Key Challenges of Traditional Supply Chain

Ask most supply chain professionals if they use any sort of supply chain workflow, and they’ll probably answer, “Oh, sure. Our solution lets us send emails out to anyone in the system from right within the interface!”

Well, OK. That’s better than nothing. It’s certainly faster and easier than pulling up Lotus Notes or Outlook and writing an email.

But what happens if the recipient…

Supply Chain – Turning to the Cloud

This "cloud thing" is more than just a cloud thing. Much more. I'd call it a revolution in the way applications are delivered.

This revolution was bound to happen eventually. Some companies are tired of adding to their IT infrastructures, paying more and more each month to power and maintain them, and hiring additional IT headcount to work on them. Other companies are in startup mode and…

Introducing the Social Supply Chain

There are now more things connected to the internet than people connected to the internet. In fact, according to a very engaging infographic provided by Cisco, there are more things connected to the internet than there are people on the earth. It has been this way since 2008.

The infographic goes on to tell us that “These things are starting to talk to each other and develop their own…

Introducing the Demand Solutions Supply Chain Blog

Does the world really need another supply chain blog? If it’s just another blog, probably not. But if the blog is filled with tips for helping companies lower their costs as they power our national economy, then we say yes.

And so we’re announcing the launch of the Demand Solutions blog.

This is not something we’re doing because we just read an article saying that you’re nothing…