Supply Chain Management: The Power of the Cloud

On the pages of this blog, I’ve previously called the cloud a revolution in SCM — and I meant what I said. The cloud is absolutely here to stay.

I mentioned how cloud supply chain management solutions give you all the features of on-premises solutions, except they’re hosted remotely. And that’s true too.

And I outlined the benefits of cloud SCM solutions. You can go live quickly,…

The Third Wave in Supply Chain Management: Social Supply Chain and More

Have you heard about the new Wave 3 supply chain management solutions? Or are you mired in Wave 2?

Or were you unaware that anybody measures supply chain technology in waves?

I suspect that for most readers of this blog, supply chain management technology “is what it is.” That's understandable. The technology improves incrementally as vendors develop new features, add new modules,…

Just in Time: Predictive Lead Time to the Rescue

Remember when you didn’t care how long your lead time was, as long as it was consistent? It wouldn’t have been such a bad system, except that lead times are never consistent.

So companies like yours began maintaining a safety stock, “just in case.” Of course, “just in case” costs you money in the form of larger inventory. Better to go with “just in time.”

I’m talking about predictive…

Leveraging Supply Chain Business Intelligence for Better Performance

If I asked you to assess your overall business health right now, what would you say?

I’m asking not as a guy sitting next to you on an airplane, who expects a sanitized answer and is really just killing time until the drink cart comes by. I’m asking as a keen observer of the industry — someone who thinks about this stuff 24/7.

If you can’t answer my question ... well, good luck…

Solving the Key Challenges of Traditional Supply Chain

Ask most supply chain professionals if they use any sort of supply chain workflow, and they’ll probably answer, “Oh, sure. Our solution lets us send emails out to anyone in the system from right within the interface!”

Well, OK. That’s better than nothing. It’s certainly faster and easier than pulling up Lotus Notes or Outlook and writing an email.

But what happens if the recipient…