Find Out Your Supply Chain Planning Score in Just 5 Minutes

If you’ve been following this blog for a while—and if you’ve been listening to what we preach at Demand Solutions—you know we’re all about helping companies enhance their supply chain planning processes in ways that drive profitable business growth.

But I’ll be the first to admit that it’s often very difficult to know whether you’re headed in the right direction. For starters, how can you compare your processes to those of your top competitors? You can’t exactly just call them up and ask them to share their strategies with you.

Of course, if your business is generally doing well, you can probably assume your supply chain planning processes are at least pulling their weight. But how do you know if they’re robust enough to take your company to the next level?

You always have the option of hiring a consulting firm to come in and audit your current processes. But then you’ll probably have to pay hefty consulting fees—and you’ll keep getting calls trying to sell you additional services that you may not want.

What manufacturers and distributors need is an objective rating system for assessing the health of their own supply chain planning processes, so that they can take tangible steps to improve. But no such system has existed—until now.

Introducing the Demand Solutions Supply Chain Planning Assessment

Your supply chain planning processes are your chief source of competitive advantage. Use the most innovative strategies and technology on the market, and you’ll likely be able to outmaneuver your top competitors around the globe. Get stuck in yesterday’s tactics and mindsets, and you’ll struggle to deliver pedestrian results.

That’s why we’ve developed the Demand Solutions Supply Chain Planning Assessment. It’s a simple, five-minute process that lets you know exactly where you’re at from a supply chain planning perspective.

After completing the assessment, you’ll get:

        • Supply chain planning score. This precise measurement indicates exactly where you’re at in terms of supply chain planning sophistication and maturity. 
        • Best practices report. This detailed report will tell you exactly which changes you should make to reach the next level of supply chain excellence. 
        • Competitive analysis. We’ll reveal how your supply chain planning processes compare to those of your leading competitors.
        • Valuable insights. We’ll show you how to engineer your supply chain for profitability, customer satisfaction, cost savings, and growth.

Get Your Free Assessment Today

Why is Demand Solutions offering this valuable service for free? We believe manufacturers and distributors have been “flying blind” for long enough. We want companies to stop making decisions based on gut feelings and assumptions and start running their businesses based on cold, hard facts. That’s what the Supply Chain Planning Assessment helps you do.

When you know exactly where your biggest weaknesses lie, you can apply your energies to shoring up these areas and achieving quick wins. And when you know what your strong suits are, you can build around these strengths to extend your lead. So, don’t wait to see how you stack up to your competitors. Get your free assessment today.

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