Recognizing Culture at the 2020 Atlanta Supply Chain Awards

It's common knowledge that your employees are your greatest asset. If that's true, that means corporate culture is critically important to your bottom line. So then, how are you shaping your company's culture to empower your employees? When trying to answer this question, many people think of company perks like benefits programs, flexible schedules, office lunch parties and open-door policies. But what if I told you that establishing supply chain planning and procurement processes also helps your company's culture, would you believe me? Let me tell you a story about one of our customers: is a well-known distribution company in the industrial automation market who was the first in its industry to sell directly to customers and was the first to offer e-commerce. This past March, Tim Carroll, Product Availability Team Captain at AutomationDirect, was presented the 2020 World-Class Culture Award at the Atlanta Supply Chain Awards (ASCA). This award honors a company in the Metro Atlanta area that has an empowering culture internally for team members, a leadership approach that engages the entire organization in a forward-thinking way, and a commitment to engaging and giving back to the community and the industry in which they serve.

Tim was recognized for his exceptional leadership of the supply chain planning and procurement processes teams. They're the teams responsible for forecasting inventory requirements, managing inventory replenishment functions and sourcing inventory from suppliers.

One of the ways that Tim Carroll has improved culture is by establishing supply chain planning and procurement processes and training his staff to maximize team performance. The result? Less data entry! His initiative significantly reduced manual tasks for the planners, which gave them more time to focus on the stimulating work they'd been hired to do in the first place.

Page Siplon of TeamOne Logistics presented the award, commenting on AutomationDirect's involvement in FIRST robotics "I am especially pleased to be presenting this award to AutomationDirect on behalf of the committee and award judges as I have observed first-hand how the company consistently gives back to the community and our industry."

Organizational Culture Matters to Supply Chain Professionals

What's made this recognition even cooler is that this was the first year the ASCA recognized culture as an award category. The World Class Culture Award resonated well with the Metro Atlanta business community since corporate culture has increasingly played a considerable role in companies' competitive strategies. It's important to recognize culture, it needs to share the spotlight with other company goals like customer success or product development. It impacts company performance, and research proves that it affects profitability: an 11-year study of 207 US companies found that culture-focused companies increased their stock prices by 901% versus 74%. Companies that managed culture well also increased their revenue over the 11-year period by 682% versus 166% for those that did not. It can be a powerful, competitive advantage.

While some might think of culture as the by-product of an organization's people and processes, something that can't be controlled or quantified, the truth is, culture is surprisingly tangible. It can be deliberately shaped and leveraged. Tim leads by example and embodies the unique company culture that is represented in the 2020 World Class Culture Award. This isn't the first time the company's culture is acknowledged by the business community: the Atlanta Journal named AutomationDirect a Top Place to Work in 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2020. It's no surprise then that tardiness, poor attitude and absenteeism are almost non-existent across all departments. The company has a very high retention of team members and have set world class productivity benchmarks in all areas of operations. In addition to its flourishing employees, AutomationDirect is engaged with social causes and the community. The company proudly supports the nation's soldiers and veterans in many ways, including sending care packages to troops overseas and involvement with the American Legion.

Congratulations to Tim Carroll and for winning the ASCA's 2020 World Class Culture Award! It's a big deal because organizational culture differentiates the extraordinarily successful companies from all the rest. Read AutomationDirect's success story here.