Solving the Key Challenges of Traditional Supply Chain

Ask most supply chain professionals if they use any sort of supply chain workflow, and they’ll probably answer, “Oh, sure. Our solution lets us send emails out to anyone in the system from right within the interface!”

Well, OK. That’s better than nothing. It’s certainly faster and easier than pulling up Lotus Notes or Outlook and writing an email.

But what happens if the recipient of your email is out of the office? You may get an automated response that tells you as much. Or you may not. Either way, the ball will be back in your court.

supply chain workflow

Who’s the next best person to answer your question or service your need? If you don’t know, what’s the best way to find out? Will you remember to stay on this issue until it’s resolved, considering you probably have several other pressing issues on your plate?

Doesn’t this seem like an awful lot of work?

There’s a fundamental problem here: most supply chain workflow functionality isn’t really workflow at all. It’s just a collection of features that make it a little easier to keep working the way you’ve been working.

Don’t settle for that.

Keep Your Processes Running No Matter What
If you asked me to define true supply chain workflow, I’d say it’s something like this: technology that keeps business processes moving automatically even when key people are unavailable or unresponsive.

This is what we’ve designed the Demand Solutions DSX platform to do. Rather than just delivering a glorified email feature, we’ve developed workflow that’s based on a sophisticated scheduling system.

When you first implement Demand Solutions DSX, you can configure detailed business processes that break out all your stakeholders by user and by role. You can tell the system exactly how to route messages in any conceivable situation, using exceptions and escalations to prevent delays that cost you money.

What about those important weekly or monthly tasks that so often fall through the cracks? Remember, the Demand Solutions DSX workflow is built on a scheduling system. You can schedule recurring tasks for any day and time, and the system will make sure they either get completed or get escalated to the right person.

Having reliable workflow in place does so much more than just help you meet deadlines and satisfy customers. It also enables you to establish disciplined business processes, and to pass them along to your next generation of employees as more and more Baby Boomers leave the workforce.

Learn More About Supply Chain Workflow
We’ll never eliminate the need for human involvement in supply chain processes – and we shouldn’t even try. People provide the brilliant insights and make the critical decisions that add value to any supply chain.

But when it comes to increasing efficiency, just making it easier for people to send emails doesn’t cut it. Find out more about how Demand Solutions DSX enables true supply chain workflow.