Demand Planning & Forecasting Best Practices

Today’s global marketplace is much smaller and interconnected thanks to technological advances. Your typical consumer is both capricious and impatient in their buying habits. Their demand for a product can change dramatically in the short time between product design and rollout. How does this impact demand planning and demand forecasting which are by nature inexact fields?

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What Is The Difference Between Demand Planning And Supply Planning

In the current global business environment, supply-chain-focused businesses must implement an effective Sales -and Operation Planning process to maintain a competitive edge. 

Within this overarching business game plan, is where demand and supply planning fall. Though the two functions seem to overlap, it is important to understand what each one contributes to a business’s successful operations.


What Is Demand Planning? Basics of Projecting Future Demand

What Is Demand Planning?

Demand planning is defined as the process of analysis, evaluation, and projection that goes into determining the overall demands for your company’s product or service.

The purpose of demand planning is to efficiently and effectively deliver your product or service to customers. It’s used to avoid waste while giving the best possible product or service to your…

How To Improve Demand Planning Accuracy

Demand planning is not an exact science. Despite the use of sophisticated statistical tools and management’s reliance on forecasts, sometimes a forecast is not true to life. This is a major risk that is often not talked about within management teams.

So how do you improve your forecast’s accuracy? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Tips To Improve Demand Planning Accuracy Make…