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S&OP: A Journey from Chaos to Prosperity - a Webinar

My initial exposure to the impact of the Sales & Operations Planning process was perhaps the single most important experience in my career. I was a marketing manager at the time … the stereotypical caricature of genetically optimistic unaccountability. When my counterpart in manufacturing promised to make as much ice cream as I projected we’d sell, I recoiled in horror. “Whoa,” I remember saying,…

Achieving Supply Chain Excellence: Your Journey Forward (Part 2 of 2)

In my previous post, I talked about the supply chain management journey and the obstacles and opportunities it brings. I also promised I’d tell you what excellence looks like, and what (and whom) it will take to get your supply chain process to that point.

For starters, Gartner has identified five levels of supply chain maturity: React, Anticipate, Integrate, Collaborate, and Orchestrate.…

Achieving Supply Chain Excellence: Your Journey Forward (Part 1 of 2)

We’ve come a long way in supply chain management.

Remember when we were still relying on ERP or point solutions that ran on mainframe solutions? (That may all seem laughably out-of-date today, but it was a big step forward at the time.)

Later, we moved on to SCM solutions that ran in a client/server configuration. Today, the journey continues with cloud SCM solutions.




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