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"We want to be really committed to managing our inventory and increasing customer satisfaction. Over the last two years, Demand Solutions was instrumental in making a shift in terms of our strategy, allowing us to be more efficient and enjoy a higher SKU fill rate." - Masoud Negad, Tepperman’s Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain

Furniture Supply Chain Solutions

Enhance your furniture supply chain management with Demand Solutions’ inventory management and forecast management software. Demand Solutions enables furniture manufacturing companies to:

  • View sales forecasts by item, account, customer segment, and more
  • Adapt projections to known changes including promotions and competitive activity
  • Share forecasts throughout the organization for collective approval
  • Project product needs up to 72 weeks in advance
  • Integrate existing data seamlessly
  • Accommodate thousands of SKUs with varying lifecycles
  • Collaborate with key suppliers by providing order plan projections reports