Durable Goods Industry: Grow Your Customer Base, Not Your Inventory

Whether you’re manufacturing appliances, furniture, sporting goods, power tools, or some other consumer product, your challenge isn’t simply to forecast accurately and then ensure your production can meet demand. You’re now under pressure to forecast more quickly than ever, in a supply chain environment that’s more complex than ever. That’s why it’s no longer enough to devote more time and headcount to manual-intensive forecasting activities. To stay ahead of new manufacturing competitors around the globe, you must maintain an always-on view of both supply and demand so that you can pivot production to meet the challenges of evolving market conditions.

Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Platform can help durable goods manufacturers create highly accurate forecasts faster than ever—and then update them on the fly as the situation changes.

Durable goods manufacturers use Demand Solutions to:

  • Automate many of the functions required to select, model, and generate multi-echelon forecasts.
  • Collaborate with suppliers in ways that shorten lead times and prevent margin erosion.
  • Ensure product availability while reducing obsolete and markdown items.
  • Find and work with lower-cost suppliers while maintaining or improving brand quality.
  • Gauge the cost of servicing any account using customer-specific forecasting capabilities, “what-if” analysis, and time-phased inventory policies.

Put Your Data to Work for You

For durable goods manufacturers, the accuracy of your forecasts will only be as good as your ability to analyze your data. The answers you need are within your company’s data, if only you have the tools and algorithms you need to mine these insights and incorporate them into your next plan. Enhance your business performance by creating highly accurate forecasts based on algorithmic optimization.

With Demand Solutions, durable goods manufacturers can:

  • Leverage data from internal and external sources—including big data—to gain insights into global supply chain conditions.
  • Streamline product launches by adopting a more accurate new product introduction process to predict and deliver upon the need for differentiated products.
  • Plan and re-plan at any level of your business—and see multiple levels of detail within a single, consistent plan.
  • Improve profitability by achieving a balance between desired customer service levels and inventory investment.
  • Reduce total supply chain costs, optimize sourcing decisions, and increase visibility into offshore production.