Federal Agencies: Maximize Readiness by Collaborating in Real-Time

Your federal agency’s top priority is to be ready—ready to serve U.S. citizens, to defend American interests, or to preserve American resources. This puts pressure on you to keep all of your agency’s assets in top working order. But readiness relies as much on your supply chain partners as it does on the efforts of you and your staff. How can you increase supply chain collaboration in ways that eliminate bottlenecks and prevent unplanned downtime for your equipment?

The Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Platform can help U.S. federal agencies prepare for whatever the future brings by collaborating with their supply chain partners online.

Federal agencies use Demand Solutions to:

  • Advance their missions to promote stability and security for citizens as well as national and multinational alliances.
  • Support national security by enhancing their operations and meeting mission-critical workloads.
  • Modernize the government workspace.
  • Empower more secure interdepartmental and cross-agency collaboration.
  • Provide more actionable, predictive, and efficient citizen-focused services.

Prevent Maintenance Issues from Reducing Your Readiness

Preparing for planned maintenance of all your assets is challenging enough. It requires you to not only maintain inventory of needed supplies, but also create manufacturing work orders for the building of any parts you lack. Unplanned maintenance can have an even bigger impact on your readiness. Demand Solutions can help you streamline the process of keeping all your assets in good working order. By integrating your maintenance plans with the supply chain needs that accompany them, you can achieve and maintain operational readiness without needing to build out large, expensive safety stocks.

With Demand Solutions, federal agencies can:

  • Tie the maintenance schedule to a manufacturing plan.
  • Plan and purchase inventory in support of maintenance.
  • Avoid the damaging effects of unplanned maintenance.
  • Predict future demand for parts across the agency.
  • Strengthen security in ways that safeguard the quality of parts purchased.

Keep All Your Assets in the Right Place

Moving your federal agency’s business processes to the cloud with the Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Platform can help U.S. federal agencies enable your stakeholders and supply chain partners collaborate in real-time. Explore how Demand Solutions can help you keep all your equipment and materials in the right place, so you are ready.