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Forecasting Software for the Energy Supply Chain

Within the energy industry, determining the correct forecasting methodology, a top-down (aggregate), or bottom-up (location-specific) approach, there are several important factors to consider. For example, seasonal demands, availability of substitutes, and key economic factors all play a role in determining the best forecasting approach to take.

Demand Solutions’ energy supply chain planning software self-selects the best forecasting method by taking into account historical data, as well as important current conditions. This flexibility means that wherever you fall in the production or distribution system, be it upstream, downstream, producer, or distributor, you can count on Demand Solutions’ supply chain planning software to establish more efficient business processes and improved resource management for the energy supply chain.

Energy Supply Chain Software Solutions

Demand Solutions Forecast Management is the industry's most respected forecasting engine and data warehouse, providing 41 months of historical perspective and 26 forecasting formulas.

Demand Solutions Requirements Planning dynamically assesses requirements by using a time-phased replenishment plan that shows monthly, weekly, or daily time periods. Requirements Planning tracks scheduled receipts, customer orders, on-hand balances, and optimized inventory targets.

Demand Solutions offers the following products for energy supply chain planning: