Encompass Group: Reducing Inventory by 25%


A new case study from Demand Solutions

Encompass Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of reusable textiles, professional apparel, and disposable and single-use medical products. The company’s goal is to make every patient, resident, caregiver, and family member feel safe and comfortable in today’s healthcare environments.

Nearly a decade ago, Encompass Group implemented Demand Solutions Forecast Management in just 30 days. The company soon experienced a 10 percent reduction in inventory, a 20 percent increase in inventory turns, and a five percent surge in global fill rates. Results like these gave Encompass Group a return on its investment in just five months.

At this point, many manufacturers would have rested on their laurels. Not Encompass Group.

In 2013, the company announced Project 17—an internal initiative that aimed to reduce inventory by 25 percent over a 17-month period while maintaining at least 95 percent fill rates.

Find out all about Project 17 by downloading the Encompass Group case study today.