Demand Solutions Case StudyBlue Bird Drives Customer Service Rates Higher

Founded in 1927 in Macon, Georgia, Blue Bird manufactures a complete line of Type A, C, and D school buses. 

Situation: A several-year flurry of growth was good news to Blue Bird—until the company realized its customer service levels were dipping while its expedite requests were increasing. 

Challenge: Blue Bird was growing quickly—but within its spare parts division, its top-down planning processes couldn’t keep up. Frequent stockouts led to expedite requests and forced the division’s planners to make constant adjustments to the forecast. Blue Bird needed a more collaborative and agile
planning process that could provide a more accurate view of the future up front while
making it easier for the company to respond to market shifts.

Download the full story and find out how Blue Bird leveraged the Demand Solutions Platform to increase customer service rates, minimize expedite requests, streamline SKUs management, enhance collaboration and maintain operations during a global pandemic.