Siemens Healthineers: Boosting Forecast Accuracy

Annette Marguez - Forecast Analyst

A new case study from Demand Solutions

When Siemens was first acquiring what is now its In Vitro Diagnostics division, the division needed to migrate off of a homegrown supply chain planning solution on a tight timeframe. The U.S. region’s Planning team contacted their peers in Massachusetts who had been using Demand Solutions Forecast Management for more than a decade. Based on positive feedback from these colleagues, the In Vitro division selected Demand Solutions DS1 and went live within six months. Not only did the division meet its migration deadline, but the new solution offered capabilities that had been lacking in the homegrown solution.

And when Demand Solutions announced the release of Demand Solutions DSX—an integrated platform that runs on a single database—Siemens Healthineers immediately recognized an opportunity to unite its global operations on a single solution with one centralized database.


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