Violeta cuts stockouts by more than 50% with Demand Solutions

Founded in 1990, Violeta quickly became a regional leader in the hygiene products industry. The company now has 1,200 employees, 250 products, and 341 vehicles in its distribution chain.

Situation: Frequent stockouts disappointed customers and confounded Violeta's decision-makers.

Challenge: Although it enjoyed a market-leading position in the Adriatic region, Violeta still needed a reliable way to prevent stockouts. Spreadsheet-based planning processes made it difficult for the manufacturer to get the greatest return on its investment in raw materials, production facilities, and talent. Violeta needed to unite all its supply chain stakeholders on a single platform so that they could collaborate as they adapted to sudden changes in demand.

Download the full story and find out how Violeta leveraged the Demand Solutions Platform to reduce stockouts by more than half and administrative work by 70 to 80 percent, grow revenue and increase customer satisfaction.