Lyco Streamlines Process with Demand Planning Software


Demand Solutions Case StudyLyco Direct sells light bulbs and fittings for domestic and commercial applications, as well as safety and security equipment, maintenance essentials, and cleaning and catering components. I guarantees next-day delivery throughout England. To help make that happen with its 2,500 to 3,000 SKUs, Lyco Direct uses Demand Solutions' Forecast Management and Requirements Planning software.

Improved supply planning has helped Lyco Direct to:

  • Have a clearer picture of its product mix 
  • View inventory by month, quarter and year
  • Reduce personnel requirements for inventory planning
  • Manage and use data more efficiently and effectively 

“Demand Solutions allows us to see fall-offs in sales before we’re caught with too much stock. It’s a side benefit of DS that we’re able to edit and smooth historical data and cleanse the database. A smoother and cleaner database improves forecasting and enables us to evaluate promotions better; they can be the bane of your life if you don’t understand what’s happening and why.” ~ Paul Hobbins, Director, Lyco Direct

Download the Lyco Direct case study today.



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