Additional Average Calculations

It is often helpful to see 3, 6 or 12 month averages of the history or forecast streams displayed on a spreadsheet. Averages can be displayed by specifying the number of periods to base the average on. This average calculation will be used on any type of periodic data stream selected in the spreadsheet setting.

Key Items to Consider:

1) Averages will work in both a horizontal and vertical views, thus can be leveraged as part of RP spreadsheets.

2) The Averages will be displayed on a spreadsheet as long as the ‘Average’ checkbox has been selected on the particular line in the spreadsheet setting.

3) The average is based on the period type specified in the spreadsheet, so if you want to see 3 months and 6 months displayed in a weekly spreadsheet, the periods must be specified as 12 and 24.

4) Users also have the flexibility to specify only a single average column/row if that is all that is desired on a specific spreadsheet.


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