Dynamic Ranges (Release 3.3 and greater)

The ability to create a range as Dynamic is part of the range functionality.  This type of range allows the range criteria to be easily modified instead of creating numerous ranges with fixed values.  For example, creating numerous ranges to find specific customers or vendors.  This type of criteria can be added as a dynamic range and then modified quickly when the need arises to search for a different customer, etc.

  • To create a new Range, from the Home menu click on the Range icon.
  • Click on the Add button.
    • The Range Settings screen will appear.

  • Enter the range criteria and then click on the Enable Dynamic option. Save the range.
    • Note: Dynamic Ranges can only be saved with Private access and therefore cannot be used in batch processes.
  • When a Dynamic Range is selected from the Range drop down list, the Range Settings box will appear so that the criteria can be modified if necessary.
  • Once the range specifications have been modified, click on the Finish button and the records displayed will be refreshed based upon the new criteria.
  • The current range settings can also be viewed, and modified if the range is Dynamic, by clicking on the information icon in the Status Bar next to the range name.

Note: The Range Name will be displayed in the Status Bar, if the Range Name option is selected in the Show section of options on the View tab of the ribbon.

  • After the information icon has been clicked, the Range Information screen will be displayed.

  • Enter the new range criteria and then click on the Finish button. The records displayed in the Navigation Panel will be refreshed to display those that match the new criteria.

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