Forced Formula (3.1 or Greater)

DSX has the ability to generate the forecast for an item using only the formula specified in the Forced Formula field.  The Forced Formula field can be added to a Descriptive Data Panel from the End Item Data menu.  The field can be populated by using Global Changes, importing the data through the DIET or manually selecting the formula number in the field.

Key Items to Consider:

  1. The Forced Formula will be applied without any benefit of the “best-fit” iterations run. 
  2. Entry in the field is by formula number. A future enhancement will allow the formula number to be displayed along with the actual formula text. 
  3. Even though the Forced Formula field can be populated with any of the forecasting formulas, if the item does not have enough history in order to use the selected formula, the default formula will be used instead. The default formula is formula 1.
  4. One method of populating the field is to import the data through the DIET tool. This allows existing DS1 clients to export the formulas and then map those formulas to the new formula numbers in DSX.


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