Forecast Time Fence Color Display (Release 3.0 and Greater)

There is an option available that allows the color of the Forecast Time Fence periods to be changed.  This color option allows for the periods within the Forecast Time Fence to be easily identified.  The color used is controlled by the settings in the System Options.  To access these options, from the Admin tab of the ribbon, select Global Options and then click on the System Options tab.
Note: The options displayed will look similar to those shown below, which are the System Options for version 3.3.  These options are controlled by the DSX modules that have been licensed. 

The Forecast Time Fence color options are set on an individual user basis.  This type of option must be set with the User-Specified radio button selected, which is displayed in the section highlighted in red.  Click on the User-Specified radio button, and then make changes to the Forecast Time Fence color options. 

In order for the color options to display in the spreadsheet, the Forecast Time Fence descriptive data field must be populated with a value other than zero.  The value populated in this field controls the number of periods within the time fence.   

Key Items to Consider:  

1) The configuration will apply to all Forecast streams that are displayed on the spreadsheet.  

2) The Forecast Time Fence descriptive data field must be populated in order for the color option to change the display of the values.  If the value is equal to zero, the color changes will not be displayed on the screen.

The Forecast Time Fence descriptive data field has been set to 2.  The System Forecast and Adjusted Forecast streams are being displayed on the spreadsheet.  The first two periods in both of these streams will be displayed in the selected color.

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