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Decimal Display

The number of decimal places displayed on a spreadsheet, or in a descriptive panel, can be controlled by the settings in the System Options. To access these options, from the Admin tab of the ribbon, select Global Options and then click on the System Options tab.

Note: The options displayed will look similar to those shown below, which are the System Options for version 3.3. These options are controlled by the DSX modules that have been licensed.

The decimal places displayed are options that are set on an individual user basis. This type of option must be set with the User-Specified radio button selected, which is displayed in the section highlighted in red. Click on the User-Specified radio button, and then begin setting the number of decimals for the desired streams. The box highlighted in blue, *Decimal Places to Display, controls the number of decimals to display within a descriptive data panel, as well as, the number of decimals in any calculated streams within the spreadsheet. The section highlighted in green controls the number of decimals displayed based upon the periodic data stream type (forecast, history, cost, etc.).

Key Items to Consider:

1) Periodic fields added in Field Management should be created under the correct periodic data type in order to control the number of decimals.

2) Cost/Price data should be brought in as a periodic data stream in order to complete any calculations required within the spreadsheet.


Using the spreadsheet to display dollar data which is based on cost and forecast periodic data streams, the *Decimals Places to Display should be set, as well as Cost in the Stream Type/Decimals To Display section. If both fields require two decimal places, both should be set to two after the User-Specified option has been chosen.


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