Where Used Function 

After exploding a Bill of Material (BOM), the Parent or Child items for the currently selected item can be reviewed by using the Where Used function. When reviewing either the Parent or Child Items in the Where Used panel, clicking on one of the items will display that item in all panels in the workspace.

  • Select an item in the Navigation Panel that was part of a BOM explosion and therefore contains either a Parent Item or a Child Item.
  • From the View menu, click on the Where Used icon. A drop down menu of options will be displayed.
  • Choose the appropriate option based upon the BOM explosion and the currently selected item.

The Parent Items or Child Items screen will be displayed.

Note: The ‘Decimal Places to Display’ option in the Global Options controls the number of decimals displayed in the Qty Per column.

  • Clicking on one of the Parent Items (or Child Items) will display the selected item in the workspace.  Once one of the items is displayed, the Where Used panel will be closed.

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