Reset Login Password (Release 3.3 and greater)

When using DSX, it is necessary to update the password being used every 60 days.  Updating the password can be done within the login screen.  When a user logs into DSX, a check will be made to verify the password expiration date.  If the password will expire in 10 days or less, a prompt will appear indicating that the password will expire in XX amount of days.  The user will have the opportunity to update their password within this timeframe.

  • From the DSX Login screen, enter the required login information.
  • If the password is to expire within the next 10 days, a prompt will appear stating that the password will expire in XX amount of days.
  • Click on the OK button to close the message.
  • The Reset Password button will now be displayed on the Login screen.
  • Click on the Reset Password button to change the password and the Reset Password screen will appear.
  • Enter the new values and click on the Reset Password button.

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