Using Periods vs. Dates

Numerous functions in DSX have an option to create, and run, the setting using either Periods or Dates.  A couple of these functions are: ABC Analysis, Bill of Materials and Global Changes.  When the setting is created, one of these options must be chosen.


When selecting this option, DSX will use the combination of the DSX System Date and the number of periods selected in the setting to perform the process.  This option is beneficial for processes that are run multiple times for a set number of periods (i.e. always running ABC Analysis using the last 12 months of history and 18 months of forecast).


This option will run the process based upon a specific date range.  Selecting this option is beneficial for processes that are run one time based on a specific date range (i.e. copying a year of forecast into another stream for analysis).

Key Items to Consider:

  1. Is this a process that will be run multiple times?  If so, and you don’t want to manually update the dates each time the process is run, then create the setting using the Periods option.
  2. Only one of the options can be chosen for each setting created.  You cannot combine the use of both options within the same setting.
  3. Is the setting something that needs to be kept for future runs?  If not, it is best to create the setting for a specific run and then delete the setting from the database to eliminate confusion with other settings.

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