Accelerate Your Time to Value with a SaaS Supply Chain Management Solution

Manufacturers and distributors want to streamline and enhance their supply chain planning processes without having to build and maintain complex IT infrastructures. Demand Management solves this by making the Demand Solutions platform available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) supply chain management solution. This cloud-based offering provides the full functionality of the on-premises version, but without requiring an up-front investment for software licenses and implementation.

Cloud Supply Chain Planning

Powerful Software without the Drawbacks

The Demand Solutions cloud-based version delivers full supply chain planning functionality in a solution that’s hosted outside the corporate firewall. This gets you up and running quickly on powerful software platforms without having to hire and train a large IT staff, and eliminates the need to perform updates and fixes.

Save Money and Maintain Flexibility

If you’re looking for a way to go live quickly on supply chain planning software without making a large up-front investment or taking on significant risk, the Demand Solutions cloud-based version can help. Rather than committing to a large purchase price, you can simply pay a predictable subscription fee.

Get More Value from Supply Chain Planning

Even the world’s best cloud supply chain management system won’t be of much use if you can’t easily move data between it and your company’s systems of record. Demand Management provides web services integration to help you connect the Demand Solutions cloud-based version with ERP systems and other platforms. To further increase the value you can get from Demand Solutions, we provide comprehensive end-user training. Rather than putting the responsibility on your workforce to educate itself through canned tutorials, we take the time to deliver the customized, one-on-one training it needs to succeed.

Maximize Uptime with Windows Azure

To give you the highest levels of reliability, the Demand Solutions cloud supply chain management version is hosted on the Windows Azure cloud platform. This platform has already helped thousands of developers build, deploy and manage applications in trusted Microsoft-managed datacenters. With Windows Azure, you get a 99.95% monthly SLA, automatic OS and service patching, load balancing and resiliency in the event of hardware failure. In other words, you get assurance that your Demand Solutions software will remain available when you need it.

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Demand Management now offers three Demand Solutions configurations to meet your supply chain planning needs and fit your technology infrastructure. If you’d like to get up and running quickly and affordably with SaaS supply chain management, call Demand Management today at 800-762-5207 to subscribe.

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