Supply Chain Glossary - C

Supply Chain Glossary - C

cultural environment

The sociocultural factors of the organization's external environment. It includes values, work ethics, education, religion, and consumer and ecological factors.

A calculation based on the available-to-promise (ATP) figure in the master schedule. Two methods of computing the cumulative available-to-promise are used, with and without lookahead calculation. The cumulative with lookahead ATP equals the ATP from the previous period plus the MPS of the period minus the backlog of the period minus the sum of the differences between the backlogs and MPSs of all future periods until, but not to include, the period where point production exceeds the backlogs. The cumulative without lookahead procedure equals the ATP in the previous period plus the MPS, minus the backlog in the period being considered. See: available-to-promise.

The longest planned length of time to accomplish the activity in question. It is found by reviewing the lead time for each bill of material path below the item; whichever path adds up to the greatest number defines cumulative lead time. Syn: aggregate lead time, combined lead time, composite lead time, critical path lead time, stacked lead time. See: planning horizon, planning time fence.


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