Supply Chain Glossary - C

Supply Chain Glossary - C

customer service life cycle

In information systems, a model that describes the relationship with a customer as having four phases: requirements, acquisition, ownership, and retirement.

1) A measure of delivery performance of finished goods, usually expressed as a percentage. In a make-to-stock company, this percentage usually represents the number of items or dollars (on one or more customer orders) that were shipped on schedule for a specific time period, compared with the total that were supposed to be shipped in that time period. Syn: customer service level, fill rate, order-fill ratio, percent of fill. Ant: stockout percentage. 2) In a make-to-order company, it is usually some comparison of the number of jobs or dollars shipped in a given time period (e.g., a week) compared with the number of jobs or dollars that were supposed to be shipped in that time period.


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