Supply Chain Glossary - D

Supply Chain Glossary - D

disciplinary action

An action taken to enforce compliance with organizational rules and policies.

A demand pattern that is characterized by large demands interrupted by periods with no demand, as opposed to a continuous or steady (e.g., daily) demand. Syn: lumpy demand.

An allowance or deduction granted by the seller to the buyer, usually when the buyer meets certain stipulated conditions that reduce the price of the products purchased. A quantity discount is an allowance determined by the quantity or value of the purchase. A cash discount is an allowance extended to encourage payment of an invoice on or before a stated date. A trade discount is a deduction from an established price for goods or services made by the seller to those engaged in certain businesses. See: price break.

A method of investment analysis in which future cash flows are converted, or discounted, to their value at the present time. The net present value of an item is estimated to be the sum of all discounted future cash flows.


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