Supply Chain Glossary - E

Supply Chain Glossary - E

experience curve pricing

The average cost pricing method, but using an estimate of future average costs, based on an experience (learning) curve.

A formal plan that details the specifics for conducting an experiment, such as which statistical techniques and responses, factors, levels, blocks, and treatments, are to be used.

An order generated by the laboratory, research and development, or engineering group that must be run through regular production facilities with potential future product or market development as a project or team goal. Syn: engineering order, laboratory order, pilot order, R&D order.

A form of research (sometimes used in marketing research) where matched sets of people are controlled for certain variables (such as income, age, and so on) while other variables (such as products offered) are varied to test research questions. See: marketing research.

A type of artificial intelligence computer system that mimics human experts by using rules and heuristics rather than deterministic algorithms.


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