Supply Chain Glossary - E

Supply Chain Glossary - E

explosion level also low-level code

Syn: low-level code.

A continuous probability distribution where the probability of occurrence either steadily increases or decreases. The steady increase case (positive exponential distribution) is used to model phenomena such as customer service level versus cost. The steady decrease case (negative exponential distribution) is used to model phenomena such as the weight given to any one time period of demand in exponential smoothing.

A type of weighted moving average forecasting technique in which past observations are geometrically discounted according to their age. The heaviest weight is assigned to the most recent data. The smoothing is termed exponential because data points are weighted in accordance with an exponential function of their age. The technique makes use of a smoothing constant to apply to the difference between the most recent forecast and the critical sales data, thus avoiding the necessity of carrying historical sales data. The approach can be used for data that exhibit no trend or seasonal patterns. Higher order exponential smoothing models can be used for data with either (or both) trend and seasonality.


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