Supply Chain Glossary - G

G and A

Abbreviation for general and administrative expenses.

The earliest and best-known type of planning and control chart, especially designed to show graphically the relationship between planned performance and actual performance over time. Named after its originator, Henry L. Gantt, the chart is used (1) for machine loading, in which one horizontal line is used to represent capacity and another to represent load against that capacity; or

for monitoring job progress, in which one horizontal line represents the production schedule and another parallel line represents the actual progress of the job against the schedule in time. Syn: job progress chart, milestone chart.

A schedule in which every piece in a lot is finished at one work center before any piece in the lot can be processed at the succeeding work center; the movement of material in complete lots, causing time gaps between the end of one operation and the beginning of the next. It is a result of using a batched schedule at each operation (work center), where process batch and transfer batch are assumed to be the same or equal. Syn: gap phasing, straight-line schedule. Ant: overlapped schedule.


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