Supply Chain Glossary - R

Supply Chain Glossary - R

resource leveling

The process of scheduling (and rescheduling) the start and finish dates of operations (or activities) to achieve a consistent rate of resource usage so that resource requirements do not exceed resource availability for a given time period. Syn: leveling.

The scheduling of activities so that predetermined resource availability pools are not exceeded. Activities are started as soon as resources are available (with respect to logical constraints), as required by the activity. When not enough of a resource exists to do all tasks on a given day, a priority decision is made. Project finish may be delayed, if necessary, to alter schedules constrained by resource usage.

1) The planning and validation of all organizational resources. 2) The effective identification, planning, scheduling, execution, and control of all organizational resources to produce a good or service that provides customer satisfaction and supports the organization's competitive edge and, ultimately, organizational goals. 3) An emerging field of study emphasizing the systems perspective, encompassing both the product and process life cycles, and focusing on the integration of organizational resources toward the effective realization of organizational goals. Resources include materials; maintenance, repair, and operating supplies; production and supporting equipment; facilities; direct and indirect employees; staff; administrative and professional employees; information; knowledge; and capital. Syn: integrated resource management.


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