Six Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Company's Forecast

An on-demand webinar by Demand Solutions and sponsored by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

(Original Date: October 11, 2016)

As supply chain professionals, our contributions directly affect the bottom line of our organizations.  More accurate forecasts drive higher customer fulfillment and lower inventory investment.  This webinar will provide some brief “theoretical” background, and some very practical steps you can take now to improve your company’s forecasts.

If you are involved in the creation, review or use of product forecasts, this webinar will walk through what you can do to improve the accuracy of those forecasts.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The best sources for historical demand.
  • Why prioritizing your products is critical to success.
  • How and what to measure and how to improve.
  • The effect of changes in technology.

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