This e-book offers tips for better forecasts

This practical and enlightening e-book is drawn from the author’s insights and experiences working with hundreds of companies and thousands of managers over a 25-year career.

The 42 principles include:

• Share your uncertainty

• Always divide by the actuals

• Quantify your contribution

• Apply Pareto analysis to performance analysis

… and 38 others.

Don’t delay this opportunity to improve your forecasting process.


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Demand Solutions Supply Chain Checklist

Supply Chain Planning

Vendor Evaluation Checklist

When you’re choosing a supply chain planning system, it’s only natural to be impressed by powerful features, a user-friendly interface, and an affordable sticker price. But after your initial enthusiasm wears off, it’s essential to consider how your day-to-day life will be on this platform.

In other words, you need to find a vendor that’s truly invested in meeting your business needs. Make sure your next cloud supply chain planning vendor has the following seven characteristics.

Download this free checklist to evaluate your potential supply chain planning vendors.

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Seven Ways We Outperform

Typical Supply Chain Planning Vendors

Big decisions are stressful for a reason: their consequences can affect us for years.

When we make those decisions without sufficient information, we set ourselves up for a world of hurt. For example, suppose you were to buy a house without first investigating the surrounding neighborhood. You might soon find yourself annoyed by traffic noise or difficult parking—or worse, living in fear due to rampant crime.

This concept also applies to choosing a supply chain planning system.

Download now and discover what makes us different from the rest of the supply chain planning vendors.

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Demand Solutions Cloud White Paper
Seven Ways Beverage Makers Can Gain an Edge with Cloud Supply Chain Management

The beverage industry is under more pressure than ever from issues associated with increasing costs, stringent customer delivery requirements, and an overly saturated market. But today's beverage companies must start building a strong supply chain foundation to satisfy the consumers insatiable hunger—or should we say, thirst?—for variety.

Just walk up and down the aisles of any grocery store, and you'll see the staggering variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. In recent years, product variety in the beverage industry has exploded and competition has become more intense. To be successful, companies are embracing new tools and strategies to address challenges like frequent new product introductions, volatile commodity price fluctuations, long raw material lead times, perishability, strict legal requirements, and high demand seasonality.

In this white paper we explore:

  • 7 guidelines to consider if you want to remain relevant in the beverage industry
  • how tactical implementation of supply chain planning technology can edge out the competition

Download this free resource to identify your business' current supply chain planning efficiency and figure out the missing pieces you need to compete in today's saturated market.

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Demand Solutions Cloud White Paper

Cloud Supply Chain Planning

Evaluation Checklist for Beverage Companies

Efficiency is a vital aspect to successful supply chain management for the food and beverage industry, particularly when perishables are involved.

Today's beverage companies must actively start building a strong supply chain foundation to satisfy the market's insatiable hunger—or should we say, thirst?—for variety. Thankfully, strategic supply chain planning helps to minimize waste and risk, while tactical implementation of technology can enhance existing systems to edge out the competition.

Beverage makers, this checklist can help you identify your business' current supply chain planning efficiency and figure out the missing pieces you need to compete in today's saturated market.

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Stop Putting Out Fires, Start Planning for Growth: Why Supply Chain Optimization Matters for Manufacturers

Demand Solutions White Paper

"Make a promise date to a customer and then meet it."

To an outsider, this crucial element of your job sounds so simple. But as a manufacturing professional, you know how challenging it can be to meet this goal. On top of managing today's unpredictable economy, you're managing unpredictable customers, unpredictable suppliers and unpredictable weather. 

The question isn't whether there will be uncertainty in your industry. The question is how will you respond? 

Download this white paper to learn more about optimizing your manufacturing process through advanced planning and scheduling tools to help you make smarter decisions and reach greater efficiency.

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Five Things You Can Do This Week to Reduce Inventory

Eliminate guesswork from your safety stock strategy. Optimize stock levels in all your warehouses. Achieve major savings without running out of "A" items.

It's all part of Fred Tolbert's inventory recipe! As a Demand Solutions Principal, Fred Tolbert, has helped many reluctant companies reduce their inventory while maintaining high levels of customer service. Today, he shares five things you can do this week to begin reducing your inventory.   

This white paper will help you jump-start your inventory reduction initiatives.

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DS Blog Articles from 2015: The Results are In!

Read the Top 5 Most Read Supply Chain Articles from DS Blog

Demand Solutions publishes a steady stream of fresh blog articles on supply chain planning topics each year. Here’s a list of the five most popular articles from 2015.

1. Best-of-Breed or ERP: What’s Your Pick for Supply Chain Planning?

Here at Demand Solutions, we’re big fans of Lora Cecere’s work on her blog, Supply Chain Shaman. Lora deserves every bit of the credit she gets for being an honest commentator on today’s leading supply chain planning solutions and strategies.

And so when Lora wrote earlier this year about the evolution of supply chain planning systems and the corresponding impact on user satisfaction, we sat up and listened.

2. S&OP: A Journey from Chaos to Prosperity – a Webinar

My initial exposure to the impact of the Sales & Operations Planning process was perhaps the single most important experience in my career. I was a marketing manager at the time … the stereotypical caricature of genetically optimistic unaccountability. When my counterpart in manufacturing promised to make as much ice cream as I projected we’d sell, I recoiled in horror. “Whoa,” I remember saying, “that’s just a forecast. There’s no way you should make that much product.”

3. Supply Chain Planning: Is Trying to Do Everything Worse Than Doing Nothing?

“If you’re not getting ahead, you’re falling behind.”

This mindset pervades the world’s most competitive businesses nowadays. It’s a hard-charging, spare-no-effort approach that drives companies to new levels of performance.

4. Develop a Stocking Policy

One of your products had two “hits” in 2014. Should you continue stocking it in 2015?

My gut feeling is “no.” But maybe you feel it’s worth keeping in your warehouse because it’s a $200,000 product with a high profit margin.

And that leads me to the point of this article: your company needs a clearly defined stocking policy that guides decisions like these.

5. New Year’s Resolution #2 for Supply Chain Planners: Purge Your Database

In my last article, I explained why I think New Year’s resolutions are important in the supply chain planning sphere—even for people who don’t make New Year’s resolutions in their daily lives. To put it simply, the New Year is always a good time to see things through a new lens. Something about the turning of the calendar makes us all more receptive to change—and change is good.


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A new white paper on Integrated Business Planning


Leading companies are adopting the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process and significantly improving not only Five Steps to Successful Integrated Business Planningtheir supply chain planning processes, but how they manage their businesses.

Why? Because a successful implementation of IBP leads to greater profitability.

Demand Solutions has developed a 5-step process for managing the IBP process. This 4-page white paper provides an introduction to the 5-step IBP process model.

Learn how IBP can help you:

  • Create a better forecast and supply plan.
  • Knock down siloes and gain better alignment across your company.
  • Incorporate all stakeholders in the planning process, including sales, finance, and product management.
  • Collaborate with your extended supply chain, including customers and suppliers.
  • Reduce costs, improve customer service and increase profits.


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A New Presentation from Demand SolutionsSupply Chain Planning New Year's Resolutions


Start 2015 right with a new set of Supply Chain Planning resolutions. This presentation contains the top ten resolutions for improving your supply chain. Implement these resolutions and you will:

  • Improve sales forecast accuracy
  • Reduce inventory
  • Improve safety stock management
  • Improve supply chain collaboration
  • And more.

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Demand Solutions -- Signal/NoiseYour Roadmap to Better Supply Chain Planning

Integrated Business Planning is a planning strategy that  involves key stakeholders across your company and across your supply chain. It transforms the traditional siloed planning method and delivers improved supply chain performance.  

Is your organization just learning about IBP or have you already started to implement it? No matter whether you are just starting out or if you are already realizing the benefits of IBP, this report covers the best practices that will take you to the next level.  

Download the report and learn:

  • The 5-stage process for rolling out IBP across your company and your supply chain.
  • The best practices that characterize each of the 5 stages.
  • Who should own each stage of the process (and why).
  • The benefits of adopting IBP as your planning process.

Improve your supply chain performance. Download this report today.


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Demand Solutions -- Signal/NoiseBuilding Your Business Case for Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Do you need to put together an internal business case for investing in Integrated Business Planning (IBP)? Maybe you just want to learn more about the benefits of IBP. Either way, you’ll find what you need in this five-page report.

The report compiles valuable findings from respected supply chain authorities, including Accenture, Oliver Wight, Hitachi Consulting and Aberdeen group, to make the case for IBP.

The findings of these experts on the benefits of implementing IBP are compelling:

  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Increased supply chain efficiency
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased profitability.

Download the full report and start building your case for IBP!



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Are Your Supply Chain Planning Capabilities Up to the Task?


This report, written by Enterprise Applications Consulting (EAC), explores the current business trends that are creating a gap between the requirements and the capabilities of supply chain planning processes and tools. Many companies’ processes and tools fall short of what’s needed to compete in today’s business environment.

Download this report and learn:

  • The business drivers behind the current supply chain capabilities gap
  • The key capabilities required to close the gap and thrive in this environment
  • How three different companies closed their supply chain gap with Demand Solutions’ DSX

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Where are you in your supply chain journey?

Demand Solutions White PaperNobody disputes the value of an efficient, collaborative, carefully planned supply chain. When your company reaches its supply chain potential, you can: 

  • Offer the right products in the right quantities at the right price -- with the absolute minimum of safety stock
  • Keep your demand in sync with your partners' supply
  • Generate forecasts for a wide range of possible business scenarios
  • Garner the input of stakeholders in every business plan -- and use that plan to drive your company to its full competitive advantage

With goals like these on the horizon, it's no wonder there's so much talk these days about sales and operations planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

To advance your inventory planning journey to achieve supply chain excellence, download this white paper today.

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Demand Solutions White PaperS&OP Checklist

The importance of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) cannot be overestimated.

Use this S&OP Checklist to analyze, evaluate and consistently improve your sales and operations planning process.

Keys to S&OP success include:

  • Pre-S&OP data prep
  • Pre-S&OP communication
  • S&OP meeting materials prep
  • S&OP meeting
  • S&OP meeting assessment & followup

Download this checklist today.

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Five Ways S&OP Enables Collaboration and More Intelligent Forecasting

S&OP Enables Collaboration - Demand Solutions

It is more important than ever to understand the importance of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). Learn how S&OP can help your organization better manage the complexities of today’s supply chain and economy.

This white paper shows five ways S&OP helps to:

  • Foster collaboration across the entire organization
  • Increase predictability
  • Support corporate financial goals

 Download this white paper today.

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Demand Solutions -- Signal/NoiseKey Supply Chain Management Lessons

This short white paper, based on concepts in Nate Silver’s best-selling book “The Signal and the Noise,” provides 12 supply chain forecasting ideas, including how to:

  • Organize your supply chain management approach to sifting the clutter of Big Data ("Noise")
  • Identify key information you really need ("Signal")
  • Know when to commit to a forecast and share the information
  • And other essential ideas to maximize supply planning efforts

Dial in the Signal today. Download and read “12 Supply Chain Forecasting Lessons from the Signal and the Noise”



Disclaimer: Demand Solutions has no affiliation with Nate Silver or his publisher.


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Guide to Improving Demand Forecast Accuracy

A 10-point plan for creating a more accurate demand planning system

 Demand Solutions White Paper

Learn how to reduce your inventory and increase your customer service levels through improved demand planning analysis and forecasting techniques. Download this white paper to read demand management best practices that tell why you should:

  • Forecast using demand -- not sales
  • Understand and modify history to remove the effect of exceptions
  • Forecast as close to the customer as possible

Download today: This brief white paper, "Guide to Improving Forecast Accuracy," will help you to clarify your demand planning objectives and strengthen your demand management process. 

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Demand Solutions White PaperHow To Improve Demand Planning

The traditional seven deadly sins are lust, pride, greed, gluttony, envy, anger, and sloth. Did you know there is a sales forecasting equivalent to those? They are activities that companies perform in their daily, weekly and monthly sales forecasting processes that contribute to increased SKU-level sales forecast errors. 

This "7 Deadly Sins of Sales Forecasting" white paper describes the consequences -- and solutions -- for forecasting errors, including:

  • Increased sales forecast error
  • Excess inventory
  • Missed customer due dates

Download "The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Forecasting" today, and you will make a significant step toward righting wrongs and building a world-class demand planning process in your company.

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Demand Solutions White PaperAutomated Scheduling Methods

The key to Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) lies in knowing when a task should be scheduled, and what resources are needed to accomplish that task.

But what methods to use

  • Constrained or unconstrained planning?
  • Rules- or optimization-based?
  • Forward or backward scheduling?

Learn the pros and cons of each approach, and how to ensure your planning and scheduling is as advanced as you need it to be.

Download and read this white paper today.

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Demand Solutions White PaperIs APS Right For You?

Demand Solutions is an Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution that integrates with your ERP system, enabling you to optimize your production schedule based on efficiency goals, profit objectives, customer service and other key business drivers.

For companies that require APS capabilities, the impact can be significant, including benefits that: 

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve customer service levels 
  • Enhance visibility across departments

Download and read this white paper -- "Is APS Right for You?" -- today to take the first step toward greater efficiency.

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Managing Inventory for Optimal Advantage

Top 10 Inventory Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Demand Solutions White Paper

The "Managing Inventory for Optimal Advantage" white paper addresses the 10 most common inventory management mistakes. The solutions offered within this white paper are aimed at helping you to:

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Improve inventory planning processes
  • Boost inventory turns
  • Increase profitability

Download this white paper today to learn how to make profitable opportunities out of inventory planning mistakes.

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How to Correct Inventory Mistakes


Demand Solutions White PaperThis Q&A white paper includes 10 questions webinar audience members asked Demand Solutions Principal Fred Tolbert, and his answers to them.

Questions include:

  • Why is adjusting the forecast not a good tool for managing inventory?
  • What does SKU Rationalization mean?
  • What’s the difference between Safety Time and Days of Supply?

From Fred's answers to these questions and more, learn how to:

  • Increase inventory turns
  • Use the 80/20 Rule and ABC Analysis
  • Best measure forecast accuracy

Download this white paper today to learn how to correct the Top 10 inventory mistakes.

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Forecast Performance Analysis Checklist

Demand Solutions White PaperForecasting can and should be a process of continual improvement. The way to improve is to:

  • Keep score
  • Evaluate the results 
  • Apply the lessons learned from each critique

If your business suffers from a flawed forecast management process, a performance analysis checklist is a free, easy-to-use tool that will help keep your forecasting process on track and on target. Download this Forecast Performance Analysis Checklist today to:

  • Validate and condition your demand planning data for optimal reliability
  • Save a snapshot of your forecasts for future evaluation
  • Compare actual demand against forecasts from multiple angles
  • Identify the cause of forecast variances -- and take corrective actions

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Demand Solutions -- Manage What MattersManage What Matters

Managers usually are not surprised by rankings of their top-selling products. Those are the items managers see moving out the door on the most frequent basis. But the dramatic ratio of how much revenue is concentrated in relatively few top-selling items is amazing -- and amazingly consistent. That is the Pareto Principle, (a.k.a. the 80/20 rule), at work.

This white paper, "Manage What Matters: The Pareto Principle, ABC Analysis and How to Manage by Exception," addresses the value of recognizing that concentration. "Manage What Matters" includes seven steps and 10 tips on how to use ABC analysis to: 

    • Focus attention on most profitable products
    • Apply exceptional strategies
    • Make key decisions regarding least profitable products
    • Improve results

Learn to focus on what matters most to your business' success. Download this free white paper and read it today.

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