A new white paper on Integrated Business Planning


Leading companies are adopting the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process and significantly improving not only Five Steps to Successful Integrated Business Planningtheir supply chain planning processes, but how they manage their businesses.

Why? Because a successful implementation of IBP leads to greater profitability.

Demand Solutions has developed a 5-step process for managing the IBP process. This 4-page white paper provides an introduction to the 5-step IBP process model.

Learn how IBP can help you:

  • Create a better forecast and supply plan.
  • Knock down siloes and gain better alignment across your company.
  • Incorporate all stakeholders in the planning process, including sales, finance, and product management.
  • Collaborate with your extended supply chain, including customers and suppliers.
  • Reduce costs, improve customer service and increase profits.


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