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"Demand Solutions, when combined with improved internal discipline, has reduced our inventory by 60 percent, causing our storage and shipping costs to also reduce by 60 percent. The return on investment has been unbelievable." ~ Kyocera

Challenges in Service Parts Supply Chain Management

Whether you’re dealing in automotive service parts planning, industrial service supply chain, or electronic service parts management, many of the challenges you’re facing are the same: large inventories, thousands of low-and-slow items, and frequent exceptions that warrant expedited delivery.

Without effective service parts management, supply chains can become slow, costly, and unresponsive – and will ultimately lead to lost opportunities.

Adapting Demand Solutions to your service parts planning issues ensures strategic management of after-sales service for mission- critical products. Strengthening the relationships with your suppliers and enabling flexible processes shortens response time, turning a "necessary evil" into a reliable profit center.

Service Parts Supply Chain Solutions

Through the use of Demand Solutions Forecast Management, a service parts department with thousands of items can dramatically reduce the labor hours required to manage parts availability. And because it is simply one of the best exception-management tools available, managing the demand chain with Demand Solutions Requirements Planning further increases the return on your Demand Solutions investment.

Demand Solutions offers the following products for service parts supply chain planning: