Enterprise Analytics: Enhance your decision-making by transforming your raw data into information that you can see, share, and use. Plan faster than ever with analytics that give you rich insights into price performance, delivery performance, product quality, and other key areas of your business as well as automated alert notifications and report distributions.

Advanced Analytics: Turn your disconnected data sources into actionable information. Establish a single version of the truth and get the performance you need for up-to-the-minute decision making by using a traditional data warehouse approach. Get enterprise-grade data mashup without sacrificing flexibility or ease of use.

Sales Analytics: Meet your customers’ expectations cost-effectively by orchestrating your demand, supply, and product networks. With a clear view of consumer demand, you can react more quickly to change, exploit new opportunities, and deliver a consistent customer experience. 

Inventory Analytics: Empower your business users to run history-based what-if simulations that reveal new ways to optimize safety stock without hurting service levels or raising costs. Bring together analysis of future supply needs and projections to help build an enterprise-wide plan that keeps customer service high.

Supply Analytics: By increasing collaboration with your suppliers and monitoring their performance, you can improve efficiency and reduce costs throughout your supply chain. Analytics help you identify supplier risks and improve your backup plans so that production can continue.